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Founded in 1996 in New York, Bliss® ignited a modern spa revolution by combining a clever menu of super-effective services and a fun, "no-attitude" atmosphere. With touches like rhythm and blues tunes, a brownie buffet and the most talented staff on the planet, it's no wonder we've gained a gaggle of grooming groupies over the past decade.

Bliss' lauded line of bath, body and skincare products are all inspired by countless hours of tension-nixing and skin-fixing at our spas – so every formula receives the "esthetician seal of approval". Just imagine: concierges booking "Carrot and Sesame Body Buff", "Hot Milk and Almond Pedicure" as a wake-up call and "Triple Oxygen Treatment" together with turndown service.

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With your very own iDDNA program by Suisse Life Science, everything is possible!

What is iDDNA?

Let innovation serve you! iDDNA®, developed by Suisse Life Science, is the first anti-aging program in the world created exclusively for you. Based on your very own genetics, and expertly tailored to your lifestyle, this program will help you manage your anti-aging needs inside out – from your looks, to your well-being. iDDNA is developed in accordance with your real biological – not chronological – age. iDDNA combines skincare solutions, optimizes your nutrition, and designs a fitness regimen especially for you.

iDDNA’s experts will map your genes and compose the correct dosage of the best active ingredients to produce the desired results in a flawless anti-aging symphony. Natural, fresh, long-lasting effects will be evident in no time.

How Does iDDNA Work?

1.       The Power to Control Your Aging Process

Your personal genetic code provides the key to your best anti-aging experience. When you discover what makes you the person you are – your genes – you will be able, with the help of iDDNA, to successfully participate in the natural process that promotes youth and vitality.

2.       Lifestyle Medicine of the 21st Century Health Tech

Personalized to your unique DNA, lifestyle medicine employs only natural and genuine methods and treatments to serve your specific needs.

3.       Follow Your iDDNA Program

You will be surprised how easy and straightforward iDDNA is! With all the information at your fingertips, scientific knowledge made simple, iDDNA will become your best source in turning back time.

4.       Why Is It Right for You?

Because you are a sophisticated consumer who wants the very best – precision in anti-aging solutions, and complete dedication to achieving natural and lasting results. 

5.       Simply Irresistible Benefits

Happy & Healthy Skin
Vibrant Energy
More Fulfilling Life

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